5 Steps to Follow After Losing a Tooth

July 6, 2021

Young man losing toothAs a child, losing your teeth is a rite of passage—a sign of growing up. Suddenly losing a tooth in adulthood, however, can be a startling and serious problem. Whether caused by tooth decay or sudden injury, losing a tooth unexpectedly is a stressful, often painful experience.

Should you find yourself facing this sudden tooth loss, follow these five steps as quick as possible:

Step 1: Retrieve your tooth.

The faster you find, clean, and protect a lost tooth, the better chance you’ll have of saving it. When handling, it’s very important not to touch the root of the tooth causing further damage. Always touch the hard surface or crown of the tooth—never the soft, fleshy root.

Step 2: Carefully clean the lost tooth.

Once you have a handle on your tooth, clean it carefully. Wiping or scrubbing the tooth can cause further damage. Gently rinsing the root and crown with milk, water, or saline solution is recommended. If you choose to use saline, ensure that the solution is sterile.

Step 3: Reinsert your tooth.

As uncomfortable as it may sound, it is recommended to insert the missing tooth into the empty socket once rinsed and sterilized. It may cause discomfort, but it will help to protect the exposed root, giving your tooth the best chance of healing.  Gently bite on a barrier of soft fabric or medical gauze to help hold the tooth in place with light pressure.

Step 4: Guard your tooth.

If you find that you are not able to reinsert your tooth, do your best to protect it. Place the tooth in a container of saline solution or milk to safeguard the tooth and keep it sterile. Storing the tooth in water alone will not protect it. The tooth should be preserved as much as possible for the dentist.

Step 5: Get to a dentist.

Steps 1-4 are all in preparation for step five: get to a dentist or doctor as soon as possible. Look for dental offices in your area that specialize in emergency dental procedures.

My Dentist: Your Emergency Services Dental Provider

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