Protect Your Pearly Whites This Fall

August 26, 2019

mouthgaurdSchool is starting up again, and students are getting ready to start participating in their fall sports. Sports are a great way to get exercise and make friends, but it can be dangerous for your smile.

About 39% of dental emergencies are a result of injury during sports. Those injuries aren’t just unpleasant to experience, they can cause long term damage that requires expensive repairs.

But don’t worry. You don’t need to give up your favorite sports, you just need to protect your teeth.

Use a Mouth Guard to Protect Your Teeth

It’s important to use dental protection for any sport that risks blows to the face, falling, or involves flying equipment. These things can cause your teeth to tap together, which can break or chip them.

Wearing a mouthguard during fall sports–like softball, football, and soccer–helps cushion the blow. Take time to protect your teeth so you can focus on the game.

Riding Your Bike?

Something else that’s important for protecting your teeth is a helmet. Not only are they 85% effective at keeping you safe from head injury, but they also help protect your teeth. Falling off your bike tends to result in your jaw slamming shut, but the helmet will help displace the impact. Add in a mouthguard and your teeth will be extra safe.

Unfortunately, the Safe Kids organization reports that only 50% of kids wear their helmet every time they bike. To help your child’s smile last a lifetime, make sure they wear their helmet and mouthguard every time they get on their bike.

A good way to start the fall is by refreshing yourself on Colorado’s bike laws and safety tips.

Talk to Your Dentist

Before you get your family started on fall activities, talk to your dentist about what safety measures make sense for them. Your dentist can also get them started on a custom-fitted mouthguard.