Fix Your Smile with Dentures

Happy Senior CoupleDentures are appliances that either completely or partially replace a single tooth or number of missing teeth in order to preserve your smile. As we age, the structure of our mouth begins to change, often leading to tooth loss. Dentures are a popular replacement procedure to fix this issue; this application is common because it is a reliable, affordable, and removable technique.

Dentures should be replaced every 3-8 years; if you are an experienced user, it may be time for a replacement! Contact your dentist immediately if you believe you are due for a repair or replacement.

How Do I Find the Right Denture Procedure?

If you have missing teeth, a denture procedure may be the answer. At My Dentist, we offer permanent cosmetic solutions, like bridges and implants, although, dentures are an affordable, removable alternative.

Full DenturesComplete Dentures

Complete dentures are available if you are replacing a full set of upper and/or lower teeth. Full dentures use suctions to remain against the roof or floor of the mouth and are fitted into the mouth once the teeth have been removed and the gum has healed.

Removable Partial DenturePartial Dentures

Partial dentures are beneficial if you’re missing a section of teeth; this type of denture is supported using hooks and clasps that link to your remaining teeth and gums. Partial dentures are a simple, removable, and economical replacement option where surgery is not necessary.

Am I a Westminster Denture Candidate?

My Dentist can determine if dentures are right for you. Schedule a consultation, by contacting our office at (303) 460-9000 or byscheduling online.