An endodontist is a type of dental specialist that focuses on the pulp (nerve) and root of teeth. They work to relieve dental pain and preserve your natural teeth. Many times you will be recommended to see one if your general dentist thinks you need a root canal.

Is Endodontic Treatment Right For Me?

If you are experiencing persistent dental pain, it may be time to visit an endodontist. Other signs and symptoms that may need endodontic treatment include:

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Tender or swollen gums around a painful tooth
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Pain when eating or putting pressure on a particular area

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal ProcedureMany people fear having root canals performed, but it’s an important dental procedure that can save an infected tooth from needing to be extracted. It is also very common and typically follows these simple steps:

  1. X-rays are taken to determine the full scope of damage on a tooth.
  2. Local anesthetic is administered to numb the area and lessen discomfort.
  3. The endodontist makes an opening, or access hole, in the crown of the tooth.
  4. The decayed pulp is cleaned out.
  5. The tooth will either be sealed or, depending on the patient, it may be left open for a few days to drain.

Additional Endodontic Treatments

  • Endodontic Retreatment: In the very rare cases when a root canal treatment fails (success rate is typically over 90%), further treatment may be needed. If a tooth stubbornly fails to heal or the pain doesn’t go away, your endodontist will reopen your tooth to access the filling and determine what went wrong.
  • Pulp Vitality Testing: This diagnostic test gives your endodontist an overview of the health of all of your teeth’s pulp. The information will show them if a root canal or other treatment is needed.
  • Apicoectomy: Also called a root end resection, this last resort procedure removes both the pulp and the tip of the root. It is used in cases when a root canal treatment would not be effective but the tooth still has a chance at being saved.

Scheduled an Appointment with an Endodontist

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